Apple iPhone 11 Pro

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro:
a next generation phone in a compact package

Released with a fanfare in 2019 the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is Apple's most powerful compact phone to date. It has all the power and features you would expect from a premium phone, but comes in a manageable size.

Let's take a look at what the Apple iPhone Pro has to offer

Fast processing power

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes equipped with the A13 Bionic Processor

Powered by the smartest, most powerful chip available the Apple iPhone Pro is packing some serious processor power. The A13 Bionic Processor is not only smarter and faster than its predecessors, it combines this with extended battery power. How to bring together improved capabilities with more battery time has been the holy grail for smartphone manufacturers for some time but now Apple has achieved that trick.

A faster, more dynamic user experience

The A13 Bionic Processor means that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro can take your photos and videos to a whole new level of professionalism. The quality is unsurpassed in the smartphone market. Apps will open much quicker and perform much better. Gaming quality and speed is higher than you would normally expect on such a compact phone. As Apple's most efficient chip to date, the A13 Bionic Processor helps to push the boundaries of what a compact smartphone can do.

Extended battery life

If you like to binge watch box sets on your phone, or listen to music you can do so for much longer with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. As well as improving the overall user experience the A13 Bionic Processor also means that the battery life of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro goes longer without needing a recharge. The A13 chip is both powerful and efficient, which should add an extra four or five hours to the battery life compared to phones fitted with the A11 or A12 chip.

Fast recharging time

Not only does the Apple iPhone Pro come with a longer battery time it's also quick to get back up to full power when it finally does run out. In tests it's been shown to reach 50% battery charge in just half an hour, and full charge in slightly over 90 minutes.

Breathtaking camera ability

It's the camera facility on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro which has really got people talking. It's the first iPhone to feature triple lens technology. This represents a major step forward both for Apple and smartphones in general. It features a 12 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, wide angle, and telephoto lens. Taken together these help make one of the most powerful camera functions ever found on a smartphone.

Let's take a look at this powerful trio in more detail.


Ultra-wide angle lens

The Apple iPhone Pro is the first iPhone to feature am ultra-wide angle lens. It brings an incredible 120 degree field of view to your landscape photos, fires up your perspective shots, and helps you truly capture those tall or wide subjects. It also allows you to see what's happening outside of the image frame and then tap to capture it. With the new Pro Camera font it feels like there's nothing between you and your subject making for a totally immersive experience.

Wide-angle lens

The wide-angle lens on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is a step-up from the one found on its predecessors. It features 100% focus pixels meaning that it's much more accurate at focusing. It performs particularly well in low-light.

Telephoto lens

The telephoto lens included on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro features a larger aperture that lets in 40% more light. This means it works better when the light is limited and can make for more detailed portrait shots.

Three cameras that work as one

Despite this being a pro-level camera with a trio of high function lenses they work seamlessly together as one single camera. With highly calibrated balance and exposure it in effect takes raw images from three different cameras and processes them for a consistent look and colour. And it all happens in a split second thanks to the raw computational power of the A13 Bionic Processor.

Night Mode

The new Night Mode can be used with all three lenses. It allows you to take photos in the dark without using a flash meaning that the image is more natural looking. It's triggered automatically when the available light falls below a certain level.

Portrait Mode

With three cameras working seamlessly together you get real power and sensitivity when it comes to portraits. Now you can really capture the character and expression of your subject with the iPhone 11 Pro's Portrait Mode. The High-Key Light Mono effect allows you to create studio quality monochrome shots. Portrait lighting allows you to adjust the light levels as you would in a studio.

Smart HDR

The incredible capabilities of the next generation Smart HDR found on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro help to create stunning images. Using advanced algorithms it intelligently finesses the detail in your shot. It also recognises faces and sensitively relights them. This gives it a greater range of capabilities than many DSLR cameras and ensures that every image is comparable with a professional standard.

Single tap

Every camera function can be accessed by a single tap making changes instant and seamless. Incredible function and beautiful transitions helps to make it one of the most impressive cameras ever seen on a smartphone.

Cinematic video quality and creative options

As with taking photographs the addition of the A13 Bionic Processor is a real game changer when it comes to video. The iPhone 11 Pro allows you to capture videos that are as close to real life as possible. With an incredible level of detail and smoother motion it allows for professional captures of those special moments. The awesome processing power means that it can shoot 4k video, with an extended dynamic range, and then edit them as you would a photo. You can rotate, crop, auto-enhance, add filters, and more.


If you're busy taking photos when you see something that deserves a video capture you don't have to waste time switching modes. Simply leave your finger on the shutter and it will immediately start recording. If you want to keep the recording going you just swipe right. If you'd like to take a busrt of photos then swipe left. There's never any need to be left fumbling between camera modes again.

Packed with great features.

Pro Display

The new Super Retina XDR display intelligently responds to light levels by shifting to different degrees of brightness. It also allows you to watch video content and view photographs at the highest degree of detail. No more squinting when you're trying to view your smartphone display.

A tough cookie

The glass on the Apple iPhone Pro 11 has been precision milled from a single sheet of glass and features a dual-ion exchange for added strength. There's very little chance of it shattering.

Water and spill resistant

The iPhone 11 Pro is the most water resistant iPhone yet. Water resistant to a depth of 4 metres for up to 30 minutes it can easily cope with rain and spilled drinks. Thanks to its precision fitted seals it's also resistant to dust, grime, pollen and any other airborne particles. It's a phone that can cope with the stresses and knocks of a busy life.

Face ID

The Face ID facility on the iPhone Pro 11 is 30 per cent faster than on its predecessors. It also works from further away and at different angles. It's still the most secure facial ID available on a smartphone. Face ID data never leaves your phone and is never backed up to the cloud.

Built to last

As the iPhone 11 Pro is built to last it will hold its value for longer. So when you do decide that it's time to trade up your phone you'll receive a bigger cash return for your trade in.

Faster Wi-Fi and mobile data

You can enjoy much faster download speeds courtesy of Wi-Fi 6 and 4G LTE Advanced whether you're on Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

Audio Sharing

Audio Sharing allows you to pair two pairs of AirPods or Beats headphones to your iPhone and share your favourite music or podcasts.

Dual SIM

The Dual SIM feature allows you to have two separate numbers for the same phone making it easier to keep your professional and personal lives apart.


With Dolby ATMOS the sound moves around you in 3D space making you feel like you're part of the action.

An advanced phone in a compact package

Despite containing some of the most intelligent smartphone technology available the Apple iPhone Pro 11 comes in a bag and pocket ready size. With a height of 144mm and a width of 71mm it's proof that a smartphone doesn't need to be almost the size of a tablet to be powerful.

This combination of intelligent camera technology, impressive processor power, and compact size really makes the Apple iPhone 11 Pro stand out in a crowded market.

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