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Cheapest deals with a 1 Month Contract Term

750MB Data,200 Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£5
2.5GB Data,300 Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£7
7GB Data,600 Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£10
10GB Data,1000 Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£15
12GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£20
15GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£25

Asda Mobile Free SIM

Asda Mobile offers an attractive range of Pay As You Go bundles, with no connection charges or commitment. It couldn’t be simpler: order a free Asda sim card, insert it into your phone and away you go.

Pay As You Go with Asda Mobile is flexible – there are no contracts or minimum usage terms, and you can top-up your phone with as much credit as you want, whenever you want. PAYG credit can be used at standard Asda Mobile rates or converted into an Asda mobile bundle and divided into texts, minutes and data. This essentially allows you to create your very own tariff, based on how you use your phone.

Bundles last for a total of 30 days and are available with a maximum of 15GB of data. If you want to avoid the hassle of running out minutes, texts or data, you can even set your bundle to auto-renew each month. This way, you’ll never be inconvenienced when you need to use your phone.

Powered by EE

Asda Mobile is powered by EE, which means it makes use of the firm’s extensive mobile network. EE is renowned for offering some of the strongest mobile coverage in the UK, and you can take advantage of this connectivity when you order a free Asda SIM card. With over 99% population coverage in the UK, you’re practically guaranteed a great signal in every city, town, village and hamlet in the country – and beyond.

According to OpenSignal, EE isn’t just the most far-reaching in terms of signal – it’s also the fastest. Average download speeds measure up to 33.7Mbps, with average upload speeds clocking in at 8.9Mbps. Latency (the time the network takes to respond to a request from your handset) measures just 37.3 milliseconds. While these fastest speeds are reserved exclusively for EE customers, those with an Asda Mobile Pay As You Go SIM card can expect to experience similarly rapid results.

Why choose Asda sim only?

The beauty of Asda Mobile is that it is one of the most flexible PAYG providers in the UK. With an Asda Mobile SIM card, you can top your phone up whenever you want. You won’t face any hidden charges or connection fees – instead you’ll have all the benefits of one of the country’s largest network providers (EE) with the freedom to choose as-and-when you decide to put credit on your phone.

If you don’t want to be tied down to a lengthy mobile phone contract, Asda Mobile could be the service you’ve been looking for. If you’re the sort of person who likes to interact on social media or use data-intensive apps like Netflix, you could benefit from an Asda Mobile PAYG SIM card and a bundle which offers value for money in terms of data usage. Likewise, if you tend to spend more time texting and calling, you can tailor your bundle to offer more minutes and messages.

If you’ve already got a mobile phone contract and require a secondary phone or would like to purchase a phone for children or elderly relatives and would like to control how much they spend, Asda is great for this too. You can choose to automatically renew your bundle each month or pick and choose when you top up – it’s that simple.

No credit check

If your credit rating is less-than-perfect or if you’ve never had credit before, you might struggle to find a mobile provider that is willing to give you a contract. If that’s the case, Asda Mobile makes a great alternative. There are no credit checks required when you become an Asda Mobile customer – simply order your free SIM, place it into your handset and enjoy the freedom of Pay As You Go. While you won’t be able to get a handset as part of your monthly auto-renewal cost, you will still be able to enjoy ultra-fast, ultra-clear connectivity, and with a bundle, you can expect an affordable alternative to mobile phone contracts.

European roaming

With Asda Mobile, you can use your bundle allowances within the EU without worrying about using all your credit on roaming fees. European roaming is allowed at no extra cost and spans a total of 50 different countries. If you’re going abroad for work or pleasure, an Asda Mobile SIM will ensure you remain connected, and you won’t have to worry about the cost – even in a post-Brexit environment!


It’s possible to tether your data with Asda Mobile. This means you can connect other devices to EE’s 4G network by turning your handset into a hotspot. Whether you’re working from home and need to browse the internet on a laptop, or simply want to enjoy streaming a boxset to your Smart TV, Asda Mobile’s tethering function will allow you to do so with ease.


Asda Mobile offers competitive pricing and short-term bundles which will keep you connected for up to 30 days at a time. Top-ups start from just £5 per month - you can top-up as often as you like, or even set your top-up to automatically renew each month. This flexibility lends itself to those who may want to use a lot of minutes and data during certain periods while using little during other times (when connected to WiFi, for example). When you throw EE’s powerful network capability into the mix, it’s easy to see why Asda Mobile is so popular amongst Pay As You Go customers.

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