Compare mobile phone deals

Choice: it’s a blessing and a curse.

Tech lovers can’t help but marvel at the tens of thousands of deals available in the smartphone market. UK mobile providers are vying for customers with ever-changing offers and packages.

But the massive variety of phone deals also leaves meaningful comparison almost impossible.

Well, until now.

Compare mobile phone deals with Druwl

Druwl compares the cheapest and most comprehensive mobile phone deals on UK networks, taking the best offerings from each and passing them onto you. This saves you hours of time scouring individual retailer websites.

Beautiful interface

Druwl has embraced online minimalism with a sleek, simple design and super-easy user interface.

No flashy graphics or in-your-face calls to action. Just information and hyperlinks, beautifully presented.

Quick and easy

Druwl is the modern answer to online comparison.

Unlike the big comparison sites, Druwl’s tool is quick and easy – no time-consuming forms to fill in, no demands for private information. Simply click on the phone you want, and you’ll instantly see the cheapest deals.

Vast Variety

Druwl finds deals for 100+ of the most modern smartphones on the market, including handsets from:

The tool takes daily info from the most popular UK networks, including Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone – meaning you’ll get up-to-date information without having to research.

See the specs

Get a better idea of the tech behind the name. The comparison tool brings up phone specs as you search, giving you info on:

  • Screen size and resolution (from phablets to one-handers)
  • Camera capabilities
  • Battery life
  • Mobile data (is it 5G enabled?)
  • Security (Face ID, fingerprints etc.)
  • Memory
  • Processing power
  • Animoji and other fun extras
  • All the techy details

Total Transparency

Phone deals can be a bit opaque, so Druwl presents the numbers in plain English: the total cost of ownership, the monthly payments and the upfront cost.

We also factor in cashback, which means you can work out the total impact of your budget.

What should I look for in a mobile phone deal?

We’ve covered all bases for superb smartphone packages. Here are some of the factors you’ll consider when picking your next mobile:

Upfront cost

High-end phones can come with a big initial payment alongside the contract.

If you can’t afford a chunk of change up front, consider a slightly lower-spec or older model of phone. Druwl makes this easy by listing other handsets from the same manufacturer on our deal summaries.

Quite often, you’ll find that the features you want are available for cheaper than you would have guessed.

Mobile data

Inclusive data is a must-have for heavy mobile users – having to search for a wi-fi connection is so 2012.

Obviously, the cheapest mobile deals are a bit tight with their data. On top of that, research from Citizens Advice in 2019 showed that 71% of people on SIM-only deals were paying extra for data they didn’t even use!

But getting smacked with end-of-month charges isn’t our idea of a good time, so it’s important to balance cash concerns with decent data offerings.

How much data do I need? There are three categories of data users.

1. Light data users

Light users only use their data for emails, checking out web pages and browsing social media – probably not for more than an hour each day. They can usually get away with 1-2GB of monthly data.

2. Moderate data users

We’d recommend at least 3GB of data per month for users who often browse the internet, stream music and use social media away from broadband connections – even normal sites are getting more data-hungry, and the MB soon add up if you’re online for 2+ hours.

3. Heavy data users

Heavy data users enjoy streaming videos and music. They check their emails and download attachments. They update their apps without waiting for wi-fi.

For those of you who want to stream videos and game without worrying, look out for 5GB+ data deals.

How many Gs?

The UK’s fastest mobile connection is currently the 4G network, but EE will soon be rolling out 5G in a few cities. That means that some manufacturers are releasing phones to match: 5G-capable models that will be able to take advantage of the shiny new network.

If cost is your main concern, we recommend sticking with 4G for now. It’s nowhere near as sluggish as 3G, and most mobile users will be fine.

However, if you like to be on the cutting edge of new tech, find out whether you’ll be able to use 5G in your area any time soon. If you’re one of the lucky ones, browse our pick of 5G phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, the Oppo Reno 5G and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Dual SIM).

Inclusive minutes

Minutes are less of a concern than they used to be, as messaging apps become better and better. Still, the personal touch is enjoyed by some. If you’re still into using your vocal cords on occasion, find a contract with inclusive minutes. Otherwise, you might be surprised by the ‘standard’ costs per minute.

Around 200 minutes is a good basic level, but up the amount to 500 if you’re likely to chat to friends and family on a regular basis.

Lots of higher-end phone contracts offer unlimited minutes, but make sure you don’t fall foul of excluded numbers or locations.

Inclusive texts

These days, it’s rare to find a deal without unlimited texts – but it’s worth checking anyway, to be on the safe side.

Far more common is a charge for MMS (picture messages and so on). These can add up surprisingly quickly, so persuade your Mum to download WhatsApp if she wants daily photo updates.

Get comparing

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