Cheapest deals with a 1 Month Contract Term

2GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£5
4GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£6
8GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£7
12GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£8
30GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£10
50GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£15
Unlimited Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£16

Smarty Sim-Only Deals

At Druwl there's nothing we love more than a simple, straight-forward, and affordable phone deal. With so many deals available out there it can be difficult to keep track of who is offering what, and when you're paying for a handset too your monthly payments can quickly become overwhelming.

That's where Smarty comes in, offering a cheaper and easier way forward.

What does Smarty offer?

Smarty offers a simple and easy way to a reliable phone provider that works for you. They offer sim-only deals, which couldn't be easier - you sign up and pay for your plan online, they send you your new sim-card in the post. Simply put it into your device when it arrives, and you're good to go!

Smarty feel that you should never be in any doubt about what you're getting from your phone deal. We all rely on our phones to get through our days - whether it's for work or for play. That means you're going to want an easy to understand deal that doesn't break the bank, but still provides generous allowances.

You can choose from multiple different plans that suit you - whether you use more minutes, texts, or data, or you need an equal combination of all three, Smart is the way forward.

What's special about Smarty?

So, what do Smarty do that's different to everyone else?

The first thing is that you get money back for the data that you don't use. That means you're never going to pay for data that you haven't used. This is a part of Smarty's push for transparency and building trust - with so many plans available, they want to offer an option that works for you above all else.

Exclusively online, for your convenience

The other thing about Smarty is that it's a mobile provider that's primed for the digital world - offering you a completely online experience. That means signing up for your plan and any customer support is made much easier and more convenient. You can forget about long queues at high street chains and listening to tired sales patter every time you walk through the door - with Smart everything is done on your terms.

When you start a Smarty plan you'll create an account to access your online dashboard. Through that dashboard, you'll be able to manage and change anything related to your account - you pay month by month, for total convenience.

A new path to effective customer support

When you have an issue with your phone or your subscription, you want to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible - you don't want to deal with any delays. To help you Smarty has developed a series of in-depth articles to help with the most common issues users might experience - these are always available, and easily searchable if you happen to run into an issue.

Not every problem can be solved that way, however, but Smarty still has you covered. You can get in touch with the dedicated web support team who operate every day from 9AM to 5PM if you need further help.

An industry trusted choice

Smarty's dedication to providing you with a reliable and honest approach to phone deals has already begun to get noticed, and they have already won three awards from uSwitch. In 2019 they won the 'Best PAYG Network' and 'Best Value Sim-Only Network' awards, and won the 'Best Value Sim-Only' award again in 2020.

Smarty is powered by the Three network, offering a reliable 3G signal around the country, and 4G is also supported where it's available. If you want a simple, no-nonsense sim-card, Smarty makes the right choice.

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