Sim Only Deals on the Vodafone network

Here are today's cheapest SIM only deals, order online, receive it in the post, pop it in your existing phone.

£13 For 1 Month
  • 1GBData
  • UnlimitedMinutes
  • UnlimitedTexts
  • £13Total Cost
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Why choose Vodafone for a SIM Only deal?

Vodafone's ultrafast 4G and generous data allowances let customers enjoy more of what they love, faster than ever before. With the 14-Day Network Guarantee, they have 14 days to put the network to the test and if customers are not satisfied with it, their contract will be cancelled. Customers can also enjoy live TV and box sets, music or sport from three leading entertainment brands when they choose one of the Red or Unlimited bundles.

Compare Vodafone SIM Only Deals

1 Month Contract Term

Vodafone Logo5GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts1£17
Vodafone Logo20GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts1£22
Vodafone LogoUnlimited DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts1£25

12 Months Contract Term

Vodafone Logo5GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts12£8
Vodafone Logo8GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts12£10
Vodafone Logo5GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts12£15
Vodafone Logo20GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts12£20
Vodafone Logo5GB DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts12£21
Vodafone LogoUnlimited DataUnlimited MinutesUnlimited Texts12£23
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