Cheapest deals with a 1 Month Contract Term

6GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£10
15GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£15
45GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£20
Unlimited Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£35

VOXI - keeping phone contracts simple

At Druwl we're always on the lookout for the best value phone deals for our customers. When it comes to saving you money and getting you the best quality package possible, we're always looking for exciting new suppliers to suggest to you - and we've found just that in VOXI.

If you're looking for a simple, sim-only contract, you've found it. VOXI want to make dealing with your phone contract as easy as possible.

VOXI Plans - A monthly subscription model

VOXI operates in a fundamentally different way to most mobile operators. Rather than having fixed contract terms, they offer a monthly subscription service. What's the upside of that? Well, when you decide you want to alter your plan, or even cancel it altogether, you can - it's as easy as that. There's no red tape to deal with, no hidden charges, no "contract buyout" and no feeling like you're shackled to a payment model.

It's your phone, your way. You subscribe for as long as you want to. When you decide, for whatever reason, that you don't want to continue subscribing you can just cancel immediately. Then, in future, if you decide you want to start your subscription again, you can just subscribe again - no fuss, no drama, no problems.

Some other key VOXI benefits

The opportunity to remove the trouble that comes with contracts is a big plus-point of VOXI, but that's not all they offer - there are many other benefits for you to enjoy when you sign up.

"Endless" social media

Pretty much everyone loves social media, but if you use it on a traditional plan it can really eat into your data - all those videos, photos, and hours swiping can become expensive. Not so with VOXI! They offer "endless" social media browsing, allowing you to upload and lose yourself in your feeds without worrying about how much of your data you're consuming - the answer is none! That means it's still there when you really need it.

VOXI SIM only - Unlimited UK calls & texts

When you choose a standard contract, you can usually have unlimited minutes, or unlimited texts, but rarely both - with VOXI though, you definitely can! You can spend as much time talking on and texting UK numbers as you like, it's all included in your monthly subscription. That means you never have to worry about conversations being cut short, or the risk of having to buy potentially costly extensions and top ups to keep yourself chatting.

Europe Zone roaming data

If you like to travel, you'll know that it's easy for your roaming data to become worryingly expensive. But that's not a problem with VOXI. As long as you're travelling within their extensive, and ever-expanding, "Europe Zone" you will have roaming data included with your monthly subscription. That means calls, texts, and your "endless" social media pass will still work as they do when you're at home - taking one less worry out of travelling.

Strong, reliable signal

VOXI is powered by Vodafone, which means nationwide coverage and a strong, reliable phone signal with crystal clear reception. If you want to use 3G, 4G, or even 5G you can - where available. This means less time spent downloading and buffering, and more time enjoying your favourite movies, videos, music, and podcasts, whether you're at home or on the move. You can even turn your VOXI phone into your own personal mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Making your life easier

If you want a reliable, affordable, and hassle-free mobile experience, consider signing up with VOXI today. As a sim-only provider, they make it easier than ever to get yourself a great new deal. Simply sign up online, wait for your new sim-card to arrive, and manage your monthly VOXI subscription online.

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