VOXI Vodafone

Picking between two network providers might seem daunting - but, when they both offer a wide range of benefits, choosing between VOXI and Vodafone is simply a matter of deciding which offer suits you best, both run on the Vodafone network.

Cheapest deals with a 1 Month Contract Term

6GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£10
15GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£15
45GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£20
1GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£24
5GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£28
20GB Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£33
Unlimited Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£35
Unlimited Data,Unlimited Minutes,Unlimited Texts.1£36

VOXI vs Vodafone: contracts

At first glance, the obvious difference is that VOXI doesn’t offer a contract in the traditional sense - opting for a ‘cancel anytime’ model for airtime and data plans - whereas Vodafone offers your regular 1, 12, and 24 month contracts.

VOXI’s offering is more akin to your Netflix subscription, VOXI essentially offer a 30 day subscription that you can cancel anytime, simply choose a SIM, the payment will renew every 30 days until you cancel.

If you want to buy a phone at the same time, your payments for these are completely separate from your plan, so you’re free to stop paying for the airtime and data plan at any time. To stop the next payment going out and end your plan, you simply opt out using their online portal - simple. Payments for handsets are spread over 30 months, and you can make additional payments as you go along to end it sooner.

Vodafone’s contracts work like a traditional phone contract, with the handset and usage plan rolled in together, although they do offer great SIM-only plans too for those who are happy with their handset. This is great for customers who know they’ll want a new handset and the benefits that come with Vodafone’s offering - and, as most contracts are for 24 months, you’d be paying for your phone for less time than you would with VOXI.

VOXI vs Vodafone: data

Both providers offer brilliant plans with plenty to love - including unlimited data and additional allowances for certain types of apps (like social media and entertainment).

Vodafone has Red plans, which give unlimited calls and texts for those who aren’t likely to need tons of data (although they go up to a staggering 48Gb per month, so you’re very unlikely to be caught short!) or Unlimited plans which do what they say on the tin - as much data, calling and texts as you can handle. Their Entertainment plans come with the benefits of unlimited data and airtime, but customers will also get a subscription to an entertainment platform of their choice - including YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Sky Sports or Now TV.

VOXI does something similar with its plans, offering a selection of choices to suit every customer, although theirs are a little more simple, with just four plans to choose from, all with unlimited calls and texts.

The plans, then, are different solely due to the data allowance - with a choice from 6GB, 15GB, or 45GB on the standard plans. Where VOXI really shines is that they don’t count social media app usage in your data package on standard plans - so you can use Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger without affecting your data allowance. For many users, this means even VOXI’s cheaper plans will be more than sufficient - but they do offer an unlimited data plan (which is 5G ready!) too.

While entertainment isn’t included within VOXI’s plans, music or video fans who think they might need ever more data to satisfy their scrolling will be pleased to know VOXI allows you to add extras to your plan for very reasonable prices - with unlimited music or video passes. These cover the obvious music streaming services (like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Prime Music and Napster) and video services (like Netflix, YouTube, DisneyLife, Prime Video, Vevo, My5, TVPlayer and UKTV Play) so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

VOXI vs Vodafone: coverage and 5G connectivity

There really isn’t anything between the two here, as VOXI runs on Vodafone’s network. While it’s always worth checking you get decent coverage in your area, Vodafone promises 99% connectivity across the UK, so you’re likely to be covered by either provider.

Both networks are offering 5G in selected locations already - including London and Birmingham - with the nationwide rollout well underway, so if you’re looking for superfast 5G coverage, both networks will quite literally have you covered.

VOXI vs Vodafone: tethering

Many of us are used to being connected while we’re out and about these days, so we’re no stranger to occasionally needing to piggyback off our mobile data on our laptops or tablets.

Vodafone allows tethering on both their Red plan, up to your data allowance, and Unlimited data plans where you can browse to your heart’s content - and, for busy browsers, there’s no ‘fair usage’ policy to slow you down.

VOXI also allows tethering on all plans - on another phone, laptop or tablet, your endless social media data will still apply, as well as any video and music passes you’ve added onto your plan. If you’re tethering to your TV, Chromecast, Fire Stick or games console, all data will come out of your allowance, regardless of what sites you visit.

So which is it - VOXI or Vodafone?

Honestly - they’re both fantastic value for customers. Social media-heavy users who don’t want to pay a lot may love VOXI’s simple plans with tons of flexibility, whereas those who love the added benefits of Vodafone’s Entertainment packages might benefit from their generous Unlimited plans.