Choose from three simple SIM Only deals,
no contract and cancel anytime

  • £10
    2GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes,
    Unlimited Texts
  • £15
    5GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes,
    Unlimited Texts
  • £20
    15GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes,
    Unlimited Texts

VOXI operates on the Vodafone network so you will receive great coverage across 3G, 4G, and 5G data speeds where available.


We have a range of helpful tools to help you choose your next SIM only deal. We compare the cheapest SIM only deals for all UK networks and we compare VOXI vs Smarty so that you can get a better idea for how these two networks compare on price and service.

If you are a heavy mobile data user we have a great comparison table so that you can easily compare unlimited data SIMs.

If your phone is locked to another network you will need to contact your current network provider to unlock your phone. Unlocking your phone should be free if an existing mobile contract has expired, but the network provider may request that you pay a small fee.

VOXI Mobile Phone Deals

VOXI also sells mobile phones, the idea of a phone contract is a little different with VOXI. With VOXI you can purchase any mobile phone over 30 months or simply pay for the device today. The price does not include the services like talk time, minutes, and mobile data.

Instead, you only pay for the device and then add one of the simple 30 day rolling SIM subscriptions. It’s a much simpler and transparent way to buy a mobile phone.

VOXI Frequently asked Questions

Who are VOXI?

VOXI are a mobile phone brand operated by Vodafone.

Do VOXI offer SIM only deals?

VOXI offers a unique approach to SIM only, consumers can pay a monthly subscription fee that provides unlimited call minutes, unlimited texts, and a mobile data allowance.

Do VOXI offer an unlimited data SIM?

Yes, VOXI does offer unlimited data, but it’s not as competitively priced as other networks. Use our simple comparison table to quickly find the cheapest unlimited data SIM.

Do VOXI offer mobile phone contracts?

With VOXI you can pay for a mobile phone over 30 months or purchase a phone upfront. What makes VOXI unique is that you are purchasing just the phone, you are not bundling any services.

VOXI keeps it really simple;

  1. First pick a phone, choose payment option for the phone, pay the full amount now, or over 30 months.
  2. Next choose from three simple 30 day rolling service subscriptions, each of which offers unlimited minutes and texts, the only difference across each is that you will pay more for increased mobile data allowances.

Can I use VOXI when traveling abroad?

Yes, you can use VOXI across Europe at no extra cost.


VOXI is operated by Vodafone so you get access to 3G, 4G, and 5G where available, you can check VOXI mobile coverage online.

VOXI Plans

VOXI offers three simple SIM only plans that include unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and mobile data. VOXI also offers mobile devices for purchase over 30 days or if you prefer you can pay the full amount for the device in one payment.

VOXI SIM deals

VOXI offers three SIM deals, each VOXI SIM deal includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and mobile data.


A VOXI SIM can be ordered online, when you receive your SIM in the post you will also receive instructions for how to use and activate the SIM.

VOXI Activate SIM

You can activate your VOXI sim card online through the VOXI website.