What are SIM Only Deals?

SIM Only deals are network service plans that can be purchased without or alongside a mobile phone. SIM Only deals include mobile data, talktime minutes, and an allowance of inclusive text messages.

How do SIM Only deals work?

SIM only deals work by adding network services to an existing mobile phone that was purchased without a contract or where a contract has expired. You can order a SIM Only deal that includes inclusive minutes for calls, inclusive texts for messaging, and inclusive mobile data for accessing the internet.

  1. Compare SIM only deals and purchase a SIM only deal online
  2. Receive the SIM card in the post
  3. Put the SIM card in your mobile phone
  4. Follow the set up instructions included with SIM card

Who should choose a SIM only deal?

SIM only deals are great for customers who have a mobile phone that is no longer in contract or was purchased without network services. Sometimes it is cheaper to order or purchase a mobile phone direct from a manufacturer or store and then order a SIM only deal that will add the network services.

What networks offer SIM only deals?

SIM only deals are offered by all the main UK networks, the cheapest deals will have very little inclusive mobile data so make sure you compare sim only deals before choosing a plan. For heavy data users we have a tool for comparing unlimited data SIMs, our finding here is that Three top the chart for the cheapest 1, 12, and 24 month unlimited data deals.

What is the best SIM only deal?

The best SIM only deal is the deal that offers the services that best match your own personal mobile phone usage. Most SIM only deals come with Unlimited Texts so your main focus will be the inclusive mobile data and then inclusive minutes for calls. Of course if you are a heavy voice caller then ensure you prioritise the inclusive minutes.

Of course the best SIM only deal will provide great network coverage for your home, places of work, leisure, and travel. Although the UK is now well covered for calls and data services you may want to check network coverage for the network you choose to ensure you get great coverage when choosing 12 or 24 month contracts.

If you use a lot of mobile data you can save time and money by comparing SIM only deals with unlimited data. Order any of these deals, get a SIM delivered in the post, register it online and you are done.

For users where that coverage can be unpredictable or unknown, you can try a 1 month SIM Only deal. These deals are great for long business trips, holidays, and a second mobile to cover the sale of a motor car or home when you want a temporary number.

Why choose a SIM Only deal?

These types of deals are usually purchased when an existing mobile phone contract comes to an end and the customer can pay a cheaper monthly fee for the network services. The reason the customer can save money is that the original contract payments often include a sum to cover part of or all of the cost of the mobile phone.

Because the mobile phone is now effectively paid for the customer has the opportunity to reduce the monthly cost by paying only for the services they use.

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